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Outcasts Revisited brings you the best 1970s and 80s punk rock, from the origins of punk in London, New York and San Francisco, and on through how New Wave swept the globe. Program host Jeff Heyman was part of the early San Francisco Bay Area punk scene and each show is a tour de force of how this monumental musical genre changed the world. You can listen on KGPC 96.9 FM in Oakland (Fridays 11pm and all month long) or KACR 96.1 FM in Alameda (Weekends throughout the month). Listen to past shows and follow Outcasts Revisited on Mixcloud:


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Broadcast Production & Management

Jeff Heyman has established broadcast operations, both terrestrial and streaming, all over the world. From community radio and TV stations to national broadcast networks, Jeff has won awards for his programming, overseen broadcast operations, audio and video production, and, yes, even podcasts.